Buried, Cremated or Promessioned?

When you’re dead, do you want to be buried, cremated or promessioned? From article I just read in The Walrus:

The dearly departed are first supercooled in liquid nitrogen to about minus 196°C, then shattered into very small pieces on a vibration table… Next a vacuum is used to evaporate moisture while a metal separator… shuffles aside fillings, crowns, titanium hips, and so on… Finally, the vaguely pink crumbs are deposited in a large box made of corn or potato starch.

Then the biodegradable box is buried and a tree or a bush or nothing is planted on top, and that’s it.

From the Wikipedia entry for ‘Promession’:

The volume of remains left by this procedure is about ten to twenty times that left by a cremation, but the advantages claimed include avoiding the release of pollutants into the atmosphere (for instance, mercury vapour from dental fillings) and the rapid degradation of the remains after the procedure (within 6 to 12 months).

STOP THE PRESSES! There’s a video too:


I’m submitting this as the most ridiculous news story of the past week: Wafergate. The Prime Minster of Canada was offered a communion wafer at a funeral and supposedly put it in his pocket instead of eating it. At first some Catholic vicar was upset that a non-Catholic (the Prime Minster) would take communion in a Catholic church. That’s apparently a big no-no. But now it’s a bigger story that he put in his pocket?

My favourite quote from the article: “It’s worse than a faux pas, it’s a scandal from the Catholic point of view.” This is more ridiculous than all the Michael Jackson news.

“The Brave One” reboots “Death Wish”

Without Jodie Foster’s convincing performance of a woman who becomes a vigilante — and is conflicted about what she’s become — The Brave One could have been a melodramatic revenge flick no better than Death Wish. Half the audience is likely to miss the point and cheer whenever she shoots her gun; the rest might find it disturbing. I don’t agree with everything that goes down in the end, but the psychological transformation of Foster’s character makes this film worth watching. Terrence Howard is pretty good too.

Damn It, I Might Be Going To Heaven After All

The Atheist Missionary has a theory:

If you can conceive of an omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God, why would they waste time seeking worship from those which it created? […] Such a Creator would view atheism as the ideal worldview and the best possible way to worship.

He proposes that the Bible is a ruse meant to lead humans from the true “religion”: atheism, and that is God’s plan and test:

The only ones going to “heaven” (whatever that turns out to be) will be the ones who relied on the reasoning which their Creator gave them to conclude that he/she/it did not exist. Just imagine … only atheists going to heaven.

Shit, I went to a church a couple months ago. Am I going to Hell now? Damn it.

Toots & The Maytals Performing “Country Road”

Toots & The Maytals performing John Denver’s classic, Country Road:

Toots & The Maytals are a roots reggae band getting inspiration from Otis Redding to Joe Higgs. I saw them live in Montreal a long time ago. A great band. I think the guy is 100 years old and still touring – like B.B. King.