“The Last King of Scotland” Review

I was shook after watching The Last King of Scotland. It’s about a young and foolish doctor from Scotland who goes to Uganda in 1970 just after a military coup and becomes the personal physician of the president, Idi Amin — who might seem like a nice guy at first but isn’t. Straightforward but effective filmmaking. It took me for a ride and left me feeling quite unsettled. Memorable movie

Kirk Cameron vs. Darwin

Check out the latest post on Jim Emerson’s Scanners Blog: Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron (“Growing Pains,” “Left Behind”) and his buddy Ray Comfort of the Way of the Master School of Biblical Evangelism and Living Waters Ministry — the folks who used a banana to prove the existence of god — have a plan. They call it their Origin Into Schools Project and it goes like this: The 150th anniversary

How to Copy and Paste

Everyone who uses a computer for any reason should know how to copy and paste. This is for my friends, relatives and past employers who still don’t know how to copy and paste. Watch the whole video. Watch it again. Practice everything in the video. Practice it many times. Learn it.

Watercolour Painting – Week 2

In the the first week of watercolour painting we learned the basics of the equipment used and some techniques. This week we practiced the wet-in-wet techniques more: We did our first real painting that was based on a sketch that everyone followed. My first watercolour painting is titled A Distant City (7.5″ X 5.5″ on paper): Related Posts: – Watercolour Painting – Week 1 – Can The Art of Watercolour


Ponette is an extraordinary film about a 4-year-old girl dealing with her mother’s death — and it’s not a downer. From the first frame to the last, you are living in a 4-year-old’s reality as dramatic and moving as any adult world. It’s a one-of-a-kind film that’s hard to forget. Highly recommended.