“Pontypool” Creeped Me Out

My #1 recommendation for a Halloween rental this year is Pontypool, directed by Bruce McDonald. If engaging the audience and provoking an emotional response is a measure of success for a movie, then Pontypool gets full marks from me. Seeing it in a theatre 6 months ago, I remember sitting up in my seat holding onto the armrest for the second half of it thinking, “Man, this is creeping me

Moral Complexity in “Eastern Promises”

David Cronenberg seems to get off on showing close-up shots of gruesome things like people getting their faces blown off with a shot-gun (re: A History of Violence). In a world where beheadings make the news at least two or three times a year, showing two separate scenes of people getting their throats slit is unnecessary. That’s one aspect of Cronenberg’s style I could do without. If you don’t like

Best Halloween Candy

J-Walk posted a link to the 16 Worst Halloween Candies. I agree, most of the 16 are lame except Hersey’s Mr Goodbar which is a hunk of delicious chocolate. It’s hard to go wrong with pure milk chocolate. My favourites are just about anything from this box: But in order of preference from the box: Kit Kat, the world’s greatest chocolate bar; Coffee Crisp, a bar I never buy because