CBC Modifies Survey

As reported earlier for a Steel White Table exclusive, but also picked up by The J-Walk Associate News Service (JWANS), so I guess that means it wasn’t an exclusive, and we’re not really reporters, are we? Hmm… Anyway, remember that CBC.ca survey from a couple days ago that ended with this message? Unfortunately our quotas are full for responses from your category. The JWANS wrote, “Wow, nothing like making a

An Appreciation For Local Food And Farming

ChefDtv’s first episode features our own tommyboy (the one wearing the skirt) and the Farmers’ Market in Owen Sound, which tommyboy is the manager of: Our first episode takes us to the Owen Sound Market. I love this place! It is filled with vendors who are passionate about their wares and run by a man, Tom Pink, who has made the Market his true love. So take the drive up

Rare Jolie Holland Recordings

I have all these Jolie Holland recordings burned to a single CD (I’m old like that). A nice collection of rare recordings, as good as any of her official releases. She really should put out a live album. ——— Palmyra, Stubborn Beast, Ghostly Girl and Corrida Por Buddy recorded at WOXY, just her and her guitar, kinda like this (but with a guitar instead of a piano): ——— http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=99296150 Palmyra,

CBC Survey

I was asked to participate in a survey from Confirmit.com while reading this morning’s news at CBC.ca. I said yes and answered a series of questions about where I get most of my news: Radio, Internet, Television, Newspapers or Other. I get 90% of my news from CBC.ca or CBC Radio. I don’t watch TV and I don’t often read newspapers. I had no problem sharing this information because I’m