I found $120 at an ATM

ATMAs I was leaving the mall tonight after seeing Men Who Stare at Goats, I stopped at a bank machine to deposit some cheques and take out some cash. I found $120 still in the machine. Whoever was there before me must have withdrawn cash from their account, took their receipt but forgot to take the cash. That’s my best guess.

I flagged down a mall security guard and showed her the cash still in the machine. She took it, put it in an envelope and told me she would take it to “lost and found.” I told her she should write down the time she found the cash and what machine she found it in so the bank could determine who the money belongs to.

She may have kept the money for herself. I don’t know.

(The ATM in the photo is just a random image of an ATM.)

Review of Cobra Mini RC Helicopter

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I bought a small remote control helicopter a few days ago because I was walking through the mall and saw the helicopter flying around a kiosk and thought, “That is so cool.” RC HELICOPTERI was instantly hooked. The guy controlling it was an expert. I watched him fly several helicopters, from tiny ones to giant ones, performing all kinds of impressive manoeuvres. He made it look easy (it’s not easy). I asked questions for about 10 minutes, watched the guy fly a few more models, and then bought the cheapest one ($45), which happens to be the most durable model: The Black Hawk. [Apr. 05/11 update: The prices have gone up considerably since I bought the first helicopter and then ordered a replacement. The helicopter, and especially the replacement, is not worth $45, let alone the $65 they’re asking now. It’s a fun helicopter if you happen to get one that works, but it’s not worth the hassle if you don’t.] I’ve crashed it about a hundred times in the past few days and it still flies. I doubt I’ll buy a larger model, but this mini-helicopter (it fits in the palm of my hand) is fun to fly around the house — especially for people who like to torment their pets. The manufacturer, Cobra Toys, recommends the Black Hawk mini-helicopter for children over the age of 5. I’d be impressed by any 5-year-old able to control one of these helicopters without crashing it into a wall every 10 seconds. Realistically, here’s the deal:
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What’s The Stasi?

I heard a story this morning about The Berlin Wall coming down 20 years ago today. The person being interviewed at one point talked about how the Stasi in East Germany affected everyone’s life. She said, “1 out of 7 people either worked for the Stasi or as informants.” A few years after the wall came down, she was allowed to read the files the Stasi had on her father and learned that an uncle of hers was an informant and had provided information about her father. She told her uncle, “I’ve read the files,” and they haven’t spoken since. I didn’t know anything about the Stasi until I saw The Lives of Others. It’s one of the most powerful movies I saw from 2006. Anyone interested in the significance of The Berlin Wall coming down should check it out. I didn’t have a clue.