I found $120 at an ATM

As I was leaving the mall tonight after seeing Men Who Stare at Goats, I stopped at a bank machine to deposit some cheques and take out some cash. I found $120 still in the machine. Whoever was there before me must have withdrawn cash from their account, took their receipt but forgot to take the cash. That’s my best guess. I flagged down a mall security guard and showed

Review of Cobra Mini RC Helicopter

Skip to the last update at the end for my final thoughts… I bought a small remote control helicopter a few days ago because I was walking through the mall and saw the helicopter flying around a kiosk and thought, “That is so cool.” I was instantly hooked. The guy controlling it was an expert. I watched him fly several helicopters, from tiny ones to giant ones, performing all kinds

What’s The Stasi?

I heard a story this morning about The Berlin Wall coming down 20 years ago today. The person being interviewed at one point talked about how the Stasi in East Germany affected everyone’s life. She said, “1 out of 7 people either worked for the Stasi or as informants.” A few years after the wall came down, she was allowed to read the files the Stasi had on her father