Why Staples Instead of Future Shop

I went to Future Shop / Best Buy the other day to get a specific wireless N router, but when I got there the sales person tried to pressure me into buying a router that was more than twice as expensive. She threw all kinds of computer jargon in my face and started dissing the brand name of the router I was planning to buy. She was trying to confuse me and convince me to spend more money on something I didn’t need. Had she not taken this approach, I would have at least purchased the router I came in to get. But I was so turned off by her attitude I said, “Well, that’s very interesting. I’ll have to think about it. Thanks.” Then I went across the street and bought my router at Staples.

The router cost more at Staples, but when I went to pay for it, I said, “This router is $20 less at Future Shop. Can you match their price?” They said yes, and that was it. Done deal.

I hate going to Future Shop.


I’m sitting at my desk, looking at a small wide-screen monitor, watching these words appear on the screen as I type them. I’m wearing a dark blue hoody (though I’ve never gotten used to that term) with a silk-screened drawing of birds flying on the front and back. I’m wearing blue jeans and a pair of old swede slippers. The slippers have fake fur on the inside. It doesn’t look like fur. It looks like the same material teddy bears are made from. I don’t know what that material is called. I’ve had the slippers for about two years. They cost $70 and they’re not worth $70. The fake fur wore out within a couple weeks, and my feet get moist and give off an odour when I wear them for more than 20 minutes so that I have to take them off just to air them out and cut down on the stink. My feet don’t rank and clear out the room. I doubt anyone notices it like I do, but the point (which really isn’t a point at all) is that I do notice the smell. I just took off my slippers as I began writing about them. I could use a new pair of slippers.

Quick Review of “11:14”

J-Walk saw the movie 11:14 and said it’s a good movie. I just saw it and said, “It’s pretty good.” J-Walk said, “It tells five separate stories, and they all converge at 11:14 pm.” It’s a well-acted gimmick movie full of black humour that could have been titled, Bad Luck is On The Menu Tonight, or Stupid People Doing Stupid Things. It’s entertaining either way.

Incidental “Video” Mode Snapshots

From Steve over at Oh Me Nerves:

Ever get ready to snap a photo of that special moment only to discover that the camera is set to “video” mode?

Well, today I was cleaning up my video folders and found that over the course of eight or nine years of digital picture taking it appears we’ve amassed our fair share of these little time capsules. Those two second videos are sometimes more amusing and memory provoking than the pictures they were intended to be.

I’ve always deleted those incidental videos.