Claw Hammer Honey

Clawhammer HoneyJohn Walkenbach is giving away an old computer. He said, “Leave a comment here and tell me what you would do with this computer if you won it. The ‘best’ entry will win it.” I told him I’d send him a few bottles of a special limited edition all-natural honey from my first bee hive this year. The label on the bottles would look something like this.

I haven’t built my bee hive yet (I’m building it today) and I won’t know for a few weeks if I can get bees early enough to have a honey harvest this year. But if it does happen — and I win the computer — I’ll send John as much as I can spare. Even if I don’t win the computer, I’ll just put my name on the label and keep the “Claw Hammer Honey” name. That’s an ingenious name for a brand of honey. I’d buy it.

UPDATE #1: We built our first bee hive today.

UPDATE #2: For the record, this is what I said I’d do if I won the computer: “If I win the computer, I will name him Johnny. I will then make Johnny my slave and use him, with the help of Excel, to calculate how much honey I can produce in my first honey bee hive this summer. Provided the calculations are correct, at the end of the season I will bottle my honey harvest under a commemorative limited edition label, Walkenbach’s Special, and send a couple bottles to Arizona. Next year, I’ll send twice as much.”

UPDATE #3: I didn’t win. And he more or less chose the winner randomly? As Clay Davis would says, “She it.” I can’t believe it. I am stunned. What was the point in trying to bribe him? And I told a half decent story to boot. I feel like a crest-fallen sidekick in an old café. I don’t know how John is going to make this up to me, but it better be good. Real good.

R.I.P. Neighbourhood Dog

A dog that’s roamed my neighbourhood for at least the past four years got hit by a truck yesterday. My neighbour, Edgar, just told me about it. Nobody knew the dog’s name but everyone around here knew the dog. It never barked or growled or begged for food, didn’t crap on my lawn and always took its time to get to where it was going. It was a filthy looking dog because its deadbeat owners left it outside all year round in all types of weather. But the little guy seemed pretty casual and Zen about his predicament.

Rest in peace little no-name dog.

Switching from Firefox to Chrome

In 2004 I switched from Internet Explorer to FireFox.

ie firefox chrome

I’m now switching from Firefox to Chrome. I’ve played with Chrome occasionally since it was released, but now it supports Extensions, similar to Firefox’s addons, enabling me to block ads and other annoying website “features” (usually flash-specific).

Google’s Chrome browser has these advantages over Firefox:

  • It’s noticably faster for me – starting up and browing websites.
  • Its interface has less clutter, although that can be annoying too: I sometimes have to hunt for functions I don’t use often.
  • It crashes less often.
  • Incognito mode is useful when working on client or public sites.

Some things I don’t like about Chrome, which Firefox has an advantage over:

  • New windows pop up for some sites. Firefox has addons that take of that crap – Chrome needs a bit more work in that department.
  • It’s not as customizable as Firefox.
  • More addons are available for Firefox, although Chrome now supports ad-blocking, so this is not a big issue.

If you do decide to switch from Firefox or Internet Explorer (anyone still use IE?) to Chrome, it seamlessly imports all your bookmarks and saved form and password data, if you used those functions.

Have you made the switch?