City Chickens

I live in a typcial suburb: 30-40 year old subdivision with split-entry and bungalo houses, bus routes, lots of kids… you know, just like the Rush song.

I’m thinking about getting chickens. There’s a wide utility path behind my house where power-line towers are, so I have no neighbors behind me. The chicken coup would be located near the middle-rear of the backyard, so the neighbors on the left and right shouldn’t be disturbed by them.

I have no idea how to raise chickens, but I like the idea of raising our own eggs.

I haven’t contacted the powers-that-be yet to see if there are any laws about it.

I’ll post updates.

First Phillip starts bee-keeping, and now me chickens. We should buy a farm together.

The Mystery Of Magnetic Hill

Scientist tackles Magnetic Hill mystery:

A Japanese scientist has won an award for duplicating the kind of optical illusion that for decades has baffled tourists who visit the fabled Magnetic Hill in Moncton, N.B.

Magnetic Hill is an area that appears like you’re going up a hill when you’re really going down.

It’s dumb-founding if you’re new to it: you take your car “down” a hill, put it in neutral, then experience the car going back “up” the way came on its own, when it’s really going down a hill. It is cool.

Wikipedia says there are hundreds of these magnetic-type hills. I had no idea.

City Fishing

Clean City Rivers Spark an Urban Fishing Phenomenon:

Across Europe, fish are returning to city waterways thanks to major cleanup efforts in recent decades. And with them, a rare species of recreationist: the urban angler.

It’d be cool to see people fishing in the middle of a city, although I don’t know if I’d eat the fish.

The Petitcodiac River causeway recently opened up its dam with the hope of restoring fish migrations. Moncton used to be a hub for boat building, but the causeway reduced the river’s flow dramatically.

Phillip the Bee Keeper

My bee keeping suit arrived today along with most of the gear I need to start up my first honey bee hive. This is a photo of me in my suit:

I won’t know until the end of June if I can get some bees to start a colony, but I’m ready for them whenever they do arrive.

Further updates on my bee keeping adventures will appear at Mud Songs — starting sometime in June, I hope.