Shopping for a Family Sized Tent

I know someone who’s thinking about buying a tent so he can take his kids camping somewhere other than his backyard. Any tent recommendations people? A friend of mine has a North Face tent that virtually pops open. I’d get one of those.

Beekeeping Update (Aug. 20/10)

Jody and I don’t have much to post about these days, so let’s recycle some stuff. I can’t find anything on SWT worth recycling, so I’ll pick something from Mud Songs instead where I’ve been posting all kinds of, you know, stuff — about my adventures in beekeeping. How about my first beekeeping video in HD? YOU MIGHT HAVE TO SWITCH TO 480p OR EVEN 360p FOR SMOOTHER PLAYBACK.

Chanterelles – Best Mushrooms Ever

I’m not a connoisseur of mushrooms, but I picked some Chanterelles in the woods a few days ago, and they’re the tastiest mushrooms I’ve ever had. Sautéed with garlic, thyme, salt and pepper — beauty. Look around for them the next time you’re walking through the woods. They’re easy to spot. Just make sure they have gills underneath. The ones with a smooth underside are poisonous (or very trippy).

Big Fish in a Pan

The follow-up to Big Fish. One of the giant cod’s younger brothers in a pan. Could be the best cod I’ve ever had. On our plates, it looked like this. Pan fried cod caught a few hours ago, broccoli cut from our garden minutes ago, and sautée freshly picked Chanterelles mushroom. With a bottle of red wine, it was the best meal we’ve had this summer. Simple and delicious. It

Big Cod Fish

My friend’s father caught a 20 pound cod fish today. The fillet was bigger and thicker than my arm. The skin got a little discoloured from being a big bin with 10 other big ass cod for an hour.