I Almost Switched to Chrome Today

My default browser is Firefox and has been for years. I’m not a Luddite. I have enough technical skill to customize my browser so it’s just the way I like it, but I prefer to keep my browsing options simple. For instance, I don’t use RSS readers. If I can’t go to a site on my own, then I probably don’t need the information anyway. So that’s where I am

Mad Men – Season 4 is Killer

Has anyone been watching the fourth season of Mad Men? That show is off the hook. In the past four or five episodes (about half way through the 13-episode season), it’s shifted into a whole near gear. It’s sublime. It’s more cinematic than most movies I see in theatres these days. Here’s a season 1 trailer that won’t give anything away: I didn’t think they could beat season 1, and

10 DVD & Blu-ray Recommendations (October 2010)

Here are 10 new and old movies or TV shows I’ve seen in the past year that are now available on DVD and Blu-ray, and probably Netflix, etc. They’re all top-notch, but I’ve listed them in order of highest recommendation to least-highest recommendation. If your tastes are close to mine, you might enjoy them. #1: Band of Brothers is a 10-part HBO mini-series that follows a bunch of guys through