I’m looking for a Fuji “FinePix A205” digital camera

CHEAP CAMERA Does anyone have an old Fuji “FinePix A205” banging around they wouldn’t mind parting with? The camera used to come with a free printer, but eventually the printer came with a free camera. We’re talking quality here.

These FinePix cameras are nothing special, maxing out at 2.0 megapixels with a cheap plastic lens. But I need one that works and I’ll trade you for it.

The best I can offer for now is a jar of honey fresh from my bee hives that I expect to harvest sometime in August 2011. I can’t think of anything better than that, but I’m willing to bargain.

Leave a comment if you can help me out. Thanks.

George Clooney Has Guts

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) — a stylistic film about journalist Edward R. Murrow‘s attempts to discredit witch-hunting US Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s — demonstrates again that George Clooney, as the director this time, has more guts than most actors in Hollywood. He doesn’t settle for making mindless disposable blockbusters if he doesn’t have to. His movies are so apart from the mainstream at times, some people must wonder, what the hell is doing? But he’s making some interesting movies. I was bored with “Good Night, and Good Luck” when it first came out, but now I know better. Read the review I’ve linked to and check it out. It may be a challenge for some viewers, but man, it’s good — and relevant considering the paranoid political climate in the US today.

The American (2010) may superficially seem like another quiet and contained George Clooney Oscar contender like “Michael Clayton” and “Up In The Air,” but those movies were just practice runs for “The American.” Clooney has striped his performance down to the bare essentials. The effect is intriguing and at times startling. It took me for a ride from the beginning to the very last frame. The storyline, about a lonely assassin-type guy in Italy waiting around for his next assignment, may not seem like anything special, but it’s a slow-burn character study that pays off if you watch carefully and let it sink in. Some may find that boring, but I think “The American” is one of the most well-crafted movies I’ve seen in the past decade. I admire Clooney for making movies like this that go against the grain. He’s got guts alright.

Jeff Bridges in “Crazy Heart” = Good Movie

Crazy Heart has Jeff Bridges as a washed up country singer, Bad Blake, who plays in bowling alleys and wants to get back in the game. Jeff Bridges sings all the songs and the songs are good. Eventually Bad meets up with a nice young gal, who in real life wouldn’t even notice him, and things start looking up before they get hard again. It’s a typical bio pic, but Jeff Bridges and the rest of the cast are so genuine, the story doesn’t need to be flashy or epic to be affective. When it’s over, the credits roll and you just want to sit there and listen to the music. It’s a good movie.

I Just Used Gmail Phone

Has anyone made much use of the Gmail telephone feature yet?

I used it a week or so ago to call my brother and he called me back. We both said, “Neat,” and that was it.

But today I used it for real. Our phone line got knocked out in a storm this morning, but I just placed an order for some Chinese food through the Gmail phone feature. It worked like a regular phone. Thank you, Google. You saved me from making my own supper tonight.

All calls inside North America are free for 2010. International calls are something like 2 cents a minute.

I prefer it over Skype because: 1) I don’t have to load up Skype. 2) I don’t have to look at anyone’s face. 3) I don’t have to explain to my mother how to use Skype. She already knows how to answer her phone. 4) The connection felt like a regular phone connection with no delay or weird MP3-type compression noise that I often get with Skype.

I’d get rid of my phone altogether if this thing could take messages and block telemarketing calls. That has to happen some day, right? Why hasn’t it already happened?