I’m looking for a Fuji “FinePix A205” digital camera

Does anyone have an old Fuji “FinePix A205” banging around they wouldn’t mind parting with? The camera used to come with a free printer, but eventually the printer came with a free camera. We’re talking quality here. These FinePix cameras are nothing special, maxing out at 2.0 megapixels with a cheap plastic lens. But I need one that works and I’ll trade you for it. The best I can offer

George Clooney Has Guts

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) — a stylistic film about journalist Edward R. Murrow‘s attempts to discredit witch-hunting US Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s — demonstrates again that George Clooney, as the director this time, has more guts than most actors in Hollywood. He doesn’t settle for making mindless disposable blockbusters if he doesn’t have to. His movies are so apart from the mainstream at times, some people

I Just Used Gmail Phone

Has anyone made much use of the Gmail telephone feature yet? I used it a week or so ago to call my brother and he called me back. We both said, “Neat,” and that was it. But today I used it for real. Our phone line got knocked out in a storm this morning, but I just placed an order for some Chinese food through the Gmail phone feature. It