Thumbs up to “Pillars of The Earth”

The Pillars of The Earth — I watched this TiVo recorded 8-part mini-series over 3 days just before going to bed (in bed on my netbook) and enjoyed it more than Lord of The Rings. (I’ll probably watch it again properly when it comes out on disc.) It’s not fantasy, but it’s full of knights in armour, sword fights, battles, corrupt kings and queens — that whole scene. It’s about a guy who tries to build a cathedral in a small town in England during the 12th century, but the powers that be keep getting in the way. 8 episodes is the perfect length for a series. It doesn’t drag on, all the scenes are significant, and there’s not much to take track of. Great story of good vs evil. Characters are introduced and you know BAD GUY or GOOD GUY. At times the politics and back stabbing can seem convoluted, but it always boils down to, “They don’t like that guy, so they’re going to attack him.” Some blood, but no gore. It’s dramatic and engaging to the point where you want the bad guys to get it and the good guys to live happily ever after. That’s fun, isn’t it? High quality television shows like “The Pillars of the Earth” are more rewarding than most movies I see these days. And it’s only 8 episodes, so go for it.

It also stars Ian McShane from Deadwood, and Donald Sutherland and Gordon Pinscent in smaller roles.

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  1. I didn’t enjoy the video, although I only watched the first part – no interest in seeing the rest.

    I read the book a few years ago and enjoyed it a lot. The movie lacks depth and seems a bit rushed, especially with my memory of the book.

    I suspect I would’ve liked it more if I didn’t read the book.

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