Cancelling Cable TV For Netflix

As I posted in Replacing Cable TV with Netflix, we’re trying Netflix instead of cable TV for a month; that month is almost over and we’re cutting the cord – no more cable. I just cancelled my television cable and upgraded my internet package. We didn’t watch any cable TV the past month, using Netflix the entire time. We all love it. I upgraded my internet package to increase the

Views of Owen Sound

I view the Owen Sound webcams from time to time in hopes of spotting Tommyboy running down the street in his reindeer costume. Or even if he mooned the camera through his kilt, that’d be something. The construction on the new rec centre seems to be coming along well though. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Replacing Cable TV with Netflix

My family doesn’t watch a lot of TV yet we pay ~$80/month for cable. To paraphrase Roger Waters: Got fifty channels of shit on the TV to choose from. My kids watch speciality children channels. We all watch Discovery channel for MythBusters and other cool shows, and we sometimes watch the science-fiction channel. That’s it. I decided to evaluate Netflix as an alternative since it’s only $8/month here in Canada.