Hitchcock or some Jewish guy?

I was working in MontrĂ©al this past weekend and stopped in at Schwartz’s where they serve the best smoke meat sandwiches on planet Earth (more about that in a minute). Along the way, I noticed this face painted on the side of a building: My first thought was Alfred Hitchcock. But on second thought, it’s probably a famous Jewish politician. Anybody know who it is? I don’t. I’m just curious.

A Post From My iPod Touch

I am posting this from my iPod Touch, where I don’t easily see how to add links for specific topics, like a link to the WordPress iPod Touch application I’m using to create and publish this. I’m also inserting a photo (the only one on this device) of my kids to see how that works.

World Of Warcraft (WOW): Cataclysm

Yes, I still play World of Warcraft. The next expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, is being released at midnight (Pacific time) tonight (Monday). I know people taking this week off to play this new expansion, so just in case you find a lot of people calling in sick or on vacation this week: that’s why.

Mini Concert by Black Dub

Here’s Daniel Lanois and Trixie Whitley (age 24) playing stripped down versions of 4 Black Dub songs. (But the album needs to be heard to fully appreciate what’s happening here.) My admiration for Black Dub grows stronger every day.