“Salt” is a Good Action Movie

Salt stars Angelina Jolie as a super spy on the run who jumps off bridges and moving cars three or four times, easy, blows stuff up, punches and kicks the crap out everyone and doesn’t stop running ever, not even at the end. Everything happens too fast to notice the plot, but there’s enough to keep it moving. I wish I’d seen it in a theatre. Angelina Jolie can act, too, and manages to bring credibility to the character in the most unbelievable situations. It might have been the the best action movie I saw in 2010. It’s silly, but who cares? It’s non-stop smash ’em up fun.

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“Barney’s Version” Offers a Few Slices of Life

  I saw Barney’s Version in a theatre last night and liked it. It’s a Canadian movie, which means it’s lucky to be seen by 1% of Canadian movie goers, thanks to the US’s distribution monopoly in North America (just saying), which is too bad, because there are plenty of high calibre Canadian films like “Barney’s Version” that are worth watching.

“Barney’s Version” tells a life story of a Mordecai Richler type character who marries the wrong women before he finally marries the right one. It doesn’t matter that the movie wanders a bit and doesn’t have the strongest narrative arc, Paul Giamatti and then Dustin Hoffman playing the dad are in such good form, as are all the actors, it’s satisfying just to watch all the characters live their lives. “Barney’s Version” isn’t on par with Away From Her, but it’s in the same class.

51,000 Views and Counting

I post videos on YouTube from time to time. My channel is called MudSongs. Big surprise. I don’t pay much attention to it, but I’ve received emails from YouTube suggesting I “enable revenue sharing” on a couple videos. I don’t care much about that. I’d probably only make $1 a year from it. At any rate, here are the two most popular videos I’ve posted to YouTube.

Currently with only 16,958 views, I present How To Draw a Dog:

And now my #1 YouTube video currently with 51,037 views…
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