Worst Movies of 2010

Someone asked me what I thought were the worst movies of 2010. I know what I like, so I manage to avoid the bad ones most of the time. But occasionally a real stinker gets through. Two of them got through in 2010. Here they are:

Splice, a science fiction movie about two of the dumbest scientists in movie history who create a human/who-knows-what hybrid that walks on hooves, has a stinger in its tail, sprouts wings and then tries to kill everyone. It’s a freakish, unpleasant, torture-porn type of movie. I can’t think of a single reason to recommend it, unless you like that kind of crap. What a waste of time. ZERO STARS.

Piranha 3D. I saw it because a visiting friend wanted to see it thinking it would be a fun B-movie along the lines of Deep Blue Sea, but it’s not. Instead of a parody of dumb sea monster movies, it’s just another dumb sea monster movie, one that’s not even so bad it’s good. I’ve met people who disagree with me, but they’re wrong. Deep Blue Sea is a masterpiece of modern cinema next to this.

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3 Replies to “Worst Movies of 2010”

  1. Fortunately, I didn’t even consider watching “Piranha 3D,” but I was fooled into thinking “Splice” might be worthwhile because of Adrian Brody. It was a brainless insult (assault?) to the viewers’ intelligence.

  2. despite my lax character and morals…I am still creeped out by the dad/daughter/interspieces sex thing….

    like watching an interspiecies Goaler family picnic…

    “…insects…..what do you mean insects…”

    I actually rented Pirahna for my prepubescent crush on elizabeth shue….and while this remains in middle age…that was one terrible movie….oiy…I felt dirty just knowing I gave an insignificant monetary contribution to its exisitence…dryfuss must have been like crusty the clown..they backed up a dumptruck load of money for him to even appear…..

  3. Richard Dreyfuss is in the first scene of Piranha to fool viewers into thinking they might actually be watching a good movie. That last time I saw him was in the remake of “The Poseidon Adventure.” That’s more or less the kind of work he does these days.

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