Cuban Chocolate

If you like chocolate, make sure to bring your own before you go to Cuba. We couldn’t find any kind of quality chocolate there. Even in the resort’s buffet hall, few of the desserts had chocolate, only some chocolate syrup for ice cream or cakes. (Most of the desserts were nevertheless delicious.)

I bought this box of chocolates at a little shop on the resort thinking, “Okay, NestlĂ©, they make half decent chocolate,” but I was wrong. It was chocolate flavoured goo.

Next time I’ll tell you about my snorkelling adventure in Cuba.

UPDATE (March 21/11): I just noticed that I wrote about the lack of good Cuban chocolate already: Bus Tour to Havana, Cuba. Oh well. It’s still good to know. You might want to bring a few rolls of your favourite toilet paper too, especially during any trips in Havana. (You’ll see.)

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