Movie Review: “Leaves of Grass”

  Leaves of Grass is a Coen Brothers rip off that has Edward Norton playing opposite twin brothers, a professor and a marijuana grower, who get involved with some crazy criminal violent activities, some of it funny, most of it not, until someone gets hurt, and then everything gets sombre and reflective and the movie ends. The performances are okay, but none of the dramatic elements really gel. Stealing Walt Whitman’s title, Leaves of Grass, isn’t a good idea either. If you’re going to blatantly rob from one of the greats, you better come close to making something great too. That doesn’t happen here.

Today is Walt Whitman’s birthday.

HD Test

Can someone play this video on an HD monitor in full screen mode or on an HD TV and tell me how it looks? It’s a 720p HD video of honey bees on a dandelion. Make sure to switch to the 720p setting first.

The video looks great on my standard def monitor (much better than the standard def version), though I noticed an audio drop out at one point. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

Via Mud Songs.