Canadian Political Parties You Didn’t Know About

Elections Canada posts the election results for all political parties.

I was surprised to find these parties listed:
Pirate Party
Marxist-Leninist (over 10000 votes received!)
Radical Marijuana

And more I hadn’t heard of. There were only four parties on my ballot.

Here’s a screenshot of 2011 Canadian Election results. I highlighted the notable parties.

2011 canada election results

4 Replies to “Canadian Political Parties You Didn’t Know About”

  1. what I read from this Phillip is that we should start our own political party…you have the technical media savay…..jody is up on that computery stuff….i have a modicum of municipal political experience with a smattering of contact with provincial and federal mandarins….pender could be a communication specialist dealing with the annoying public…and steve could help with the island vote…

    we need some form of eastern canada policy and pact…I can act as a mole out here in harperland…

    I think we need a manifesto……I need to find some work..I have too much time on my hands….

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