60 Cents

Walking to a Tim Hortons’ this morning a young man stopped to ask me if I had 60 cents to give him. I said “Sorry, no”, and he said, “That’s okay”.

Two things about the exchange bothers me:

1) I’m not sorry. I did have 60 cents but it was going towards my “large one-‘n’-one”. Saying “sorry” was an automatic reaction to not being able to fulfill a request. I suspect I would’ve said “sorry” if I was asked if I had a gun for him to borrow.

2) I didn’t ask him why he needed 60 cents. Maybe he needed it for bus fare to get to the open-heart surgery he was scheduled to have in an hour; or maybe he was going to use it to buy a lotto ticket which he would’ve won from, contacting me to give me half of his winnings.

My life is full of regrets.

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  1. Some guy wearing brand name stuff was sitting on a bench between here and the mall a few weeks ago and asked for a buck. I said “no, fuck off”. I have no regrets.

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