Little Bird Video

A little bird video. I know it’s not in the same league as J-Walk’s cleaning the pool video, but next weekend I’ll wake up early and record the bird(s) using my good video camera instead of the crappy one, and in the sunlight instead of the shade. You’ll see. It’s gonna be great. The best part is when the bird flies away. I recommend cranking the volume to bring yourself

William Wharton, 1925-2008

As a commenter noted on my previous post, William Wharton, Author, Dies at 82: William Wharton, a successful impressionist painter who at 53 published his first novel, “Birdy,” which won a National Book Award, became a critically acclaimed movie and led to a dozen more books, died Wednesday in Encinitas, Calif. He was 82. Phillip and I are saddened to learn about this, that we won’t be reading anything new

Irishtown Park In Moncton, NB

Our Sunday morning trek was in a park we never visited before: Irishtown Park, located just outside Moncton‘s city limit to the North. There was a rumor once that Mick Jagger once hiked there with his family during the Rolling Stones concert in Moncton a few years ago. The park is big. There are big maps that show your location, with some paths covered with gravel that are 10 feet