A Buddy’s Car For Sale

Acura RSX for sale

2002 Acura RSX for sale via Ryan, a former work buddy. He has a family now so he can’t afford frills like this. $25,000 Canadian. That’s like $5,000 American.

Update: It’s no longer for sale so link to car has been removed.

13 Replies to “A Buddy’s Car For Sale”

  1. Posting something for sale on Steel White Table — yeah, that’ll work.

  2. 25 000 jesus Ill have to live in it, you think you could fit bunk beds in the back for the offspring…I have yet to own a vehicle newer that 1986….yes I know jody I have just purchased the ultimate in death dealing frivolity…ahh it was the kids college fund….plus I have to do these things before steph (sugar mamma) divorces me and I end up living at the ymca…again….

  3. TommyBoy — speaking of trees, did your brother ever finish building that log cabin in N.G.? That was something like 10 years ago I helped him haul some of those giant logs out of the woods. Those were odd times for me, spending too much time alone living out in the middle of nowhere (though I would welcome it now that I’ve got someone to join me).

  4. yeah i think he finished it but his inlaws sold the property and i think it was used as the Pictou crack house….

    he has maintained his redneck roots this week he was tearing apart his litttle ditch buggy, that ole chevy tracker he had…

  5. lol – oh man! you got GREG on here now??? Mustangs are for tall, skinny nerds with long hair – you know, the ones who wear blue sunglassess all day long.

  6. oh man, i would SO buy that car if i didn’t have a house on the way! i love it!

  7. Sure am Ryan. I got jealous of jody’s blog and created my own.

    Pender has a blog too. What is the matter with you? Oh, right, you are a Project Manager, you don’t know how to use anything except for Excel ;-)

  8. Nope, he’s still got his car. He didn’t get very many people interested. So he’s still paying like $600 a month for it for the next 3.2 eternities on his payments.

    I trust anyone with an email like “babylubzyoou”.

    The 25k vs 5k thing was a joke.