A Cassette And Record Player For Your Computer

cassette deck for pcA cassette deck for the PC:

The PlusDeck 2c is a full-logic cassette deck for your PC. Use it to archive your old cassette tapes of 80s hair bands into digital media files for playback on your PC.

And, a turntable with a USB interface:

…the first USB turntable for converting your old vinyls directly to CD or MP3 with the included recording software (No special drivers needed!). It includes Audacity software for Mac/PC for recording and a trial of Bias Soundsoap 2 for cleaning and restoring vinyl quality.

I got rid of all my vinyl, but I still have lots of cassettes gathering dust. I’ll probably throw them out soon.

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  1. I’m considering throwing out my cassettes: I never listen to them anyway.

    I think Phillip took all our (our Dad’s, his, and mine) to a used place and sold them. We had a LOT of records, too.

  2. Holy shit yeah i guess you guys had a alot of stuff plus your …dads…eeesh..i have not been able yet to throw out my viynal…tossed the cassettes..when we cleaned out dads last year…we gave away 4 eight track playere and hundreds of eight track cassesttes..teh old man had rigged up an eight track player in the chevy….

  3. I actually wouldn’t mind picking this up. I have a crap load of tapes, many of them I will never buy the CD for and other such as bootlegs I can’t find any where. I would convert anything I wanted to keep and then chuck the shit out.

  4. Could just buy a cord with a 3.5 mm jack on both ends, and use the headphone jack to the line-in on your sound card. Haven’t tried it myself, but looked into it for something a while back.

    The cords are about 10 bucks i think at Radio Shack.

  5. Headphone jacks aren’t the greatest way to transfer audio. Most stereos and cassette players have RCA outputs. You can get a cable that has RCA plugs on one end, which goes into your stereo, and a 3.5mm plug on the other, which goes into your LINE-IN of your soundcard. This setup allows you to record anything from your stereo into your computer. I’ve transferred LPs and tapes this way many times.

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