A Chess Tournament

World Chess Championship 2004:

The Classical World Chess Championship Match will be played between the Classical World Champion Vladimir Kramnik of Russia and the Challenger Peter Leko of Hungary. The match shall consist of 14 classical chess games.

Vladimir Kramnik is considered the world’s top chess player by many because in 2000 he beat Garry Kasparov in a 16 game match; however, the International Chess Federation does not recognize his title.

Peter Leko is a top 10 in the world player with a rating of 2743. I had a rating around 1600 when I played a lot in my teens.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) governs the world of chess, establishing tournament rules and ratings of players. They’ve been critisized the past few years for introducing strict tournament rules (drug testing, for one) and commercialising the game, so other competing chess organizations have been created in protest, such as the Association of Chess Professionals and the Professional Chess Association.

I’ll have to write about chess tournaments sometime. They’re like seedy poker game scenes from movies with weirder characters.

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