A Cuban Bird of Prey, Other Birds, a Hermit Crab and a Goat

Sticking with the animal theme, I noticed a few more photos of birds from my trip to Cuba. I don’t know what any of them are, so feel free to identify them for me. I saw this bird, for instance, on the way to Havana.

(The next and last animal-themed set of photos from our trip to Cuba: Mangy Dogs. After that: Cuban Cars. Stay tuned!)

The same bird sitting on a post:

This time in some grass:

And this bird was circling the field the whole time. It’s some kind of bird of prey, maybe?

These goats were in the same field during a stop on our way to Havana:

What would life be without goats?

Here’s another crane. They were all over the resort.

And finally a hermit crab I spotted near some jungle woods on a small island we stopped off at during a boat tour:

I’ll go into more detail about our trip when I starting running out of photos. I also brought along my Zoom sound recorder to capture the sounds and music of Cuba. All the music we encountered was great. Anyway, I’ll share my thoughts on that later. Next up: Mangy dogs!

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2 Replies to “A Cuban Bird of Prey, Other Birds, a Hermit Crab and a Goat”

  1. Yes, looked like a mockingbird to me, not sure if they are mean, but they have one of the most beautiful songs!! I had one wake me up every morning with a 5 minute medley of other bird songs, then it jumps up and reveals its white wing patch, sets back down again and begins the song, never the same twice and it did that early in the morning, and before the sun went down, which apparently is typical.

    The bird of prey is one of the vultures that is world wide, so think that that means a Turkey Vulture, which we have here in Victoria, and the white bird is not a crane I don’t believe, I think that it is a Cattle Egret……

    Oh, and by the way, your pictures are beautiful, I think that I will have to invest in a better camera if I go again. Though my point and shoot did a wonderful job, a better quality camera would have produced some wonderful pictures, especially of my morning coffee hummingbird and my late afternoon Pelicans!!!

    Keep Clicking!!!! Caroline

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