A Delivery

Delivery movieDelivery, an animated movie about getting a nice delivery. It starts to get interesting at about the half-way point.

More short movies at Newstoday.

(via haslo.ch Blog)

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  1. I thought it got interesting right from the get-go. Simple idea, extremely well executed. Too bad we couldn’t short films like this on the big screen. That was excellent.

  2. I didn’t get impatient. Shit, it’s only a 7-minute movie; I got time to kill. I think the first few minutes do a great job at setting the tone and the scene while still leaving me with plenty to wonder, “What the hell’s going on?” The idea is so simple, but the realization of it so cool.

    By the way, how did you get the direct link to the movie (the downloadable file)? I want to download the other movies, but I can’t see how to do it. I know the solution must be simple.

  3. …and I found an even simpler method (the above was how I found it, but you can find the other ones much easier):

    1) View Source, search for something like writeQuicktime(“reel_05-buckla.mov”,320,240);
    2) Look what’s in there, inside the “”s, and add it to

    So in this case, you’d get

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