A Description Of Newfoundland

Alison Dyer posted some photos of south-west Newfoundland, with some nice prose describing it.

Cliffs, waterfalls, the odd cove crowded with houses and treacherous slips… the small cry of a bald eagle or that fog-toned call of a gull.

It reminded of me of great places in Newfoundland.

4 Replies to “A Description Of Newfoundland”

  1. It’s funny… I’ve never been to some of the places that she mentioned. Being a native of Newfoundland, I often meet folks who have visited who have been to more of these beautiful places than I have.

    Maybe I’ll go back to Newfoundland someday, not on a vacation to go “home”, but as a tourist.

  2. My parents, both from Conception Bay area, did that awhile back, exploring the West coast and the Northern Peninsula. I’d like to do that, too. I’ve only driven across the island to get from Point A (ferry) to point B (St. John’s area).

  3. I’m going to Gros Morne this summer. Mad Rock is one of the best looking places in Nfld I’ve been to so far, and only 45 mins from St. John’s. As soon as you see it, you want to live there.

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