A Guilty Pleasure: Crappy TV Shows

Most commercial TV shows are junk that turn people’s brains to mush. I don’t have cable or satellite TV and that’s a good thing. I watch mostly HBO-type shows on DVD. But once in a while I start watching some crappy commercial TV show like 24 and even though I know it’s junk, I watch it anyway. These are shows with little substance or significance, but they go down easy and they’re fun while they last. If I had to watch them on TV with commercials and wait a week between episodes, I’d never bother. But on DVD, not so bad.

I gave up watching 24 a couple seasons ago, but I recently I began watching Lost on DVD, and god help me, I’ve watched every episode of the series so far (the final season begins next year). This trailer is exactly what the show is like.

Pretty bad, eh? I’m looking forward to the final season.

I’ve also begun watching 30 Rock. It’s a funny show. Here’s a typical scene:

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2 Replies to “A Guilty Pleasure: Crappy TV Shows”

  1. 30 Rock is on my list to try. I used to like Alec Baldwin, then I hated him, now I like him again. I really like to watch him when he’s on Maher’s show. He’s smart, but I think he’s got some anger issues to work through. There is something dark about him.

  2. I can understand the Alec Baldwin love and hate thing. He’s the best part of “30 Rock.” The first season of the show is the best — I had more laugh out loud moments where I had to press pause because I was missing the dialogue over laughing — but they’re all good.

    It still feels like a commercial television show, but there’s no laugh track and it’s quick. It’s easy to miss some of the humour if you’re not listening or watching carefully.

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