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This is the time of year when every disenfranchised Canadian hockey fan whose team isn’t in the Stanley Cup finals must decide which is the lesser of the two remaining evils in the championship series. There are plenty of reasons, however, to wish both teams would lose. For the third year in a row we have a Stanley Cup series that pits the old against the new, a Canadian team against an American one, a city in which ice does in fact form of natural earthly causes against a city where by rights Our Game ought to be played on surfboards.

That’s from an article called In Praise of Martin Gerber on some blog called A Nest of Ninnies.

I stopped paying attention to hockey after Guy Lefleur left the Montréal Canadiens to play for some American team. Until today I had no idea which two teams were in the Stanley Cup finals. I’m sure I’ll have already forgotten by the time I go to bed tonight. But this entertaining article by Jonathan Adams makes me almost wish I was a hockey fan again.

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  1. I agree as a Montreal fan, I’m pulling for Ottawa to do what
    Calgary and Edmonton failed to do the last two cup offered seasons;
    win one for Canada and Canadians.

    I prefer my ice served out doors;
    not in drinks under the palm trees.

  2. You made the line graph in my blog stats look like a right angle by linking to that post today. Now I’m all self-conscious.

  3. hockey whats that….yes i am canadain…I am also from the maritimes but i do not have a fiddle stuck up me arse either…henry…the boy…thinks the maple leafs are a cricket team….well he did until this year…when he got beat up by the kids in his class…come on….it was that or name him sue….

    i think he may play lacrosse…he likes the idea that you can use the stick to hit someone with…although i think you can do that in hockey….i played badmintion…now thats an aggressive and get the girl sport…

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