ChickenThe KFC Combo FAQ v1.0a:

The purpose of this FAQ is to guide would-be patrons through the thick morass of questions that will be asked of them during even the most routine order. The FAQ will also outline some near optimum ordering strategies for minimizing questions asked of the person ordering, and there’s a final section on maximizing the number of questions asked during an order. That’s how you get the really big combos, you know.

A sample of how to make an order with the minimum number of questions asked of you:

I’d like a two piece thigh and leg meal, original recipe, with cornbread and two sides: baked beans and macaroni and cheese. I’d also like a medium Pepsi and absolutely nothing else. For here.

The author provides an example of how to maximum the number of questions asked of you (21 questions). Study this.

2 Replies to “A KFC FAQ, LOL”

  1. haha, i used to have that shit down pat at burger king.
    “can i get a chicken sandwich combo…..PLAIN…………………
    with fries and coke, upsized with the sticker on my car, and a gravy”

    you gotta hesitate on the plain part, or they never get it right. man i used to go to BK a LOT. probably averaged close to 7 times a week over the last 4 years, not counting the last few months of dieting…

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