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mumsie is married with 2 kids; sucks at cooking and ironing, but excels at riding power mowers; has “child-bearing hips”, which might explain how she was able to push out a 9 pound 14 ounce baby girl in like 5 mins; and has an amusing, frank web site about being a mom.

Her Biology 101 entry describes the experience of trying to answer her toddler’s (“The Kid”) questions:

Like the other day when he asked me what his balls were for. And yesterday, when he asked on a PACKED subway “Where the baby popped out of.” I know the current thinking is that we should call our “parts” by their actual names. Call me a prude, but I wasn’t about to announce “from mummy’s vagina” on a packed subway car. On the internet to all and sundry, sure, but on a packed subway car? No way. Uh uh. I’m sure there’s some by-law against it.

It reminded me of the Teaching Our Daughter About Her Cheeseburger entry I wrote about earlier.

(Note: the description of her above is from her About page.)

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