A Movie for Dylan Fans

Masked and Anonymous is described on Rotten Tomatoes as an “Unintelligible and self-indulgent Bob Dylan vehicle,” but that might be missing the point. For me, it’s a movie about moments, most of them disconnected from any kind of discernible storyline, and it’s those moments that count, not the overall picture. That’s the moral of the story, finding the sacred in the ordinary, like a Dylan song, totally open to interpretation. And it has a great soundtrack.

I also laughed out loud through many of Dylan’s scenes. First of all because his movements are off-kilter and inadvertently comedic. Secondly because he has two modes: talking and not talking. No reactions, no emoting. Sometimes he moves his eyes. Dylan is so cool, what else do you need? I enjoyed it.

Via The J-Walk Blog.

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