A New Brunswick Blogger Makes The News

Blogger banned from legislature grounds:

A New Brunswick blogger and political activist has been permanently barred from entering any buildings or stepping on any property within the provincial legislature district in Fredericton.

The blogger and his blog is Charles LeBlanc Political ADHD Activist. This is the first I’ve heard of him. His website is loud: big fonts, big images, big headers – it’s meant for far-sighted folks. He writes:

If you can’t read this text beside the blog comments, try increasing your screen resolution. I find it works at 1024 X 768 but 1280 X 1024 seems to work the best.

Man, just decrease the size of your fonts a tad.

His blog appears to be about Fredericton and St. John, for the most part. I found one about Moncton, though: THE R.C.M.P. IN MONCTON SHOULD BEGIN THEIR INVESTIGATION WITH THE MONCTON IRVING TRANSCRIPT!!!

I wonder if a website’s design is a reflection on one’s personality?

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  1. If i were an unemployed bum who was mad at the “system”, i think i could find better ways to spend my time than picketing on the steps of government buildings….

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