A Painting By Leonard E. Kelsey

I have this painting titled “Old English Home” by Leonard E. Kelsey, dated 1915. On the back is a label with the painting’s title, painter, and date, along with the sentence:


I assume that’s the location the painting represents.

I know nothing about the painter or painting besides what’s obvious on the painting itself. Googling “leonard kelsey paint” turns up this reference to him from the Biographical Index of Artists in Canada:

KELSEY, Leonard Edgar b London 1883, d W Vancouver 1975, paint M MM RCA

He died an old man. I can’t find any other references to him or his paintings.

I think the painting’s title refers to Cap Rouge in Quebec, which is on the St. Lawrence river.

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  1. Hello, as you can see I am a kelsey and a painter also, my parents have two water colour paintings done buy a Kelsey also fro England and I think he came to Canada not sure I just tried to call them to see which Kelsey it was that painted there paintings. e-mail me if you get this and I will find out. interesting to see other Kelsey Painters. and yours looks like the same style.

    Peter Kelsey

  2. Here is some more information about Leonard Kelsey. He did live in Quebec Canada, likely in Montreal where he knew my Great Grand parents. Via my Uncle, (their son) he commissioned Leonard to paint several paintings including one of my father in the the early 1940’s. Leonard’s son, Leonard Kelsey Jr. was a friend of my father, lived in Montreal and later retired to Vancouver BC which would explain why is father ended up in Vancouver.

    If you get more information on him please pass it along.


  3. Thanks for the information, David. Unfortunately, you know more than me!

    Damn, I just noticed the photos of the painting aren’t working!

  4. I am Leonard E Kelsey’s grandson. Would be happy to contribute any information that would be helpful

  5. I just bought a Leonard E. Kelsey painting. Dear Grandson can you tell us more about his life? Barry

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