A Parents’ Guide To Going To A Concert For Kids

Caitlyn and Jody at CBC concertCaitlyn, her grandmother, and I went to a CBC’ Kids Get Set for Life Tour, featuring Patty, Mark, Clifford and some other characters from CBC’s kid shows. Caitlyn had a blast: dancing, singing, shouting, and free stuff at the end. Lots of fun for everyone; however, if you’ve never been to a concert meant for five year olds, heed these warnings:

  • Get the kids to use the bathroom before the concert starts. The kids are so engrossed in the concert they’ll probably forget they have a bladder and pee on themselves and you, or if you have to take them they’ll start crying about missing some of the concert.
  • Arrive early but not too early; you don’t want them nagging you about when it’s going to start too often.
  • This isn’t the symphony, so throughout the concert expect: screaming, crying, laughing, seats banging, hair being pulled, feet stepped on, being poked in the back… lots of fun stuff.
  • Throw humility out the window and pretend you’re five years old; it helps when you have to dance and sing with the 100 other kids.
  • Admire and appreciate the hard work the performers do for an hour keeping the kids excited (let alone interested) in the concert. They deserve a standing ovation.
  • Carry your kid as you leave the theater so they won’t be crushed in the mob trying to get out.
  • Wish you could take a nap like your child was doing in the backseat as you drove home.

I sound cyncial, but it WAS fun. We’re considering going to a Fred Penner concert next, although I don’t know much about him.

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