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Change Is Good:

Finding change since 1998. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, everything. This is a log of what I have found.
Since Jan. 19, 1998, I have found: $455.82.

I had considered about creating a page dedicated to this activity. Damn!

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  1. Here’s one for you: Pick up pieces of paper you find on the street, especially paper that looks like it has hand-writing on it.

    I do this from time to time and usually just throw the paper away. Sometimes I find odd receipts (e.g., I found a receipt for heavy machinery once and had no idea what any of it meant; I found school notes; I found student loan forms; I once found a photobooth photograph of two girls with their arms around each other).

    Behind every piece of paper there’s a story.

    Collect that stuff, scan it and see what comes of it. I’ll be you’d find some interesting things. Just don’t go nuts with it, piece up 10 pieces of paper a day.

    I’ve always thought that was a great idea.

    The best piece of paper I found was a twenty dollar bill.

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