A Poll: Editing Your Comments

In their rush to comment on an exciting post, people are not proof-reading their entries before they hit the Post It button, sometimes including grammar and spelling mistakes.

To allow users to edit their own comments they would need to register and login to the site. I don’t think you’d need to login everytime you visit; and you’ll still be able to post comments if you don’t register, you just won’t be able to edit them.

Would you register to this site so you could edit your own comments?
Registering sucks, but I’d do it so I could edit my comments.
Registering sucks, so frig that.
Registering sucks, but I’d want to edit my comments. How about YOU editing my comments?
I’d register because registering is fun!
I don’t care.

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7 Replies to “A Poll: Editing Your Comments”

  1. As I expected, the poll results are indecisive; and we’re in dangering of bringing down the poll’s server due to the overwhelming response. I’m leaning towards keeping things how they are; that is, comment editing won’t be enabled.

  2. I considered implementing something like that myself, but it wouldn’t be secure if the computer was a public one; the user would need someway to logoff to ensure some random person couldn’t edit their comments.

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