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  1. In the 15 years that we’ve been buying tickets together we’ve probably won around $300.

    I still believe I have a chance.

  2. I buy a lotto ticket once in a while, but I don’t expect to win. For me it’s mostly cheap entertainment. Jody won I think it was $3700 once and gave me $1000. I’d say over the years, considering that $1000, I’ve broken even.

  3. I’m astounded that you think I can remember something from 1990?
    I forgot what I had for lunch.

    I remember that you bought me a turntable that I was saving up for, and I still have it.
    Thanks once again!

    I remember that I was working at Sam’s at the time.
    I remember we were all living on Delaware.

    However that’s about the extent of my memory.
    I seem to remember you gave some to your parents as well, and I think I believed it was in the $5000 territory, but I can’t actually remember.


  4. I can tell you exactly how much it was. Jody has the worst memory of anyone I know.

    It’s was $3757. I remember, because for several years I told just about everyone I know the story how we got 5 out of 6 numbers in the lotto thinking we’d won at least $100,000, but by the time we got to the store, we talked ourselves down to $10,000. By the time we found out the actual amount, the thrill was gone. But we knew we had food and rent for the next little while.

    Jody gave me $1000. He bought Scott a turntable. He spent about $150 on booze, which took forever to drink, and most of it sucked. We all then went to some ’50s-themed restaurant in the Eaton’s Centre mall, whatever it’s called, and ordered expensive hamburgers and fries, which seemed like a stupid waste of money (that was the consensus). And then about 6 weeks later, Jody spent the rest of the money moving back to Nova Scotia.

    I guess I’m the only one who hasn’t gone senile since then. I have no problem remembering any of it.

  5. ehmmm echhmmmm…yeah…hey how come I did not benifit in anyway by this long ago win…sniff sniff booo hoooooo hooooooo wahhhhhhhhhh…oiy oh yeah he has been sending me books by which the postage has been costing fortune….ahhhhhh now I feel better…it is all about me…

    I vaguely remember the discussion about the five out of six numbers and that the win was in the thousands…..

    Scott you have to come visit me…my wife is tired of going to toronto and asking around record stores for you….I am serious even if you find me repulsive I live in such a big apartment we can arrange to not even see one another…plus if you come I will wear the reindeer suit for you…huh..huh…. I will sneak you into city hall and let you sit in the mayors chair…come on …come for a visit….

    I am impressed with phillips recall ability…..

  6. > how come I did not benifit in anyway by this long ago win

    You weren’t living with us at the time.

    Do mind if I come at stay at your place for while?

  7. jesus phillip you are always welcome…..bring the salad fixin’s on your way by the bog….sorry just re read that post….

    you are not having relationship difficulties are you…of course this is the venue for you to reply in a heart rendering way….

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