A Preview of Gmail

Google Gmail PreviewPreview: Google’s Gmail Beta is a detailed review of Google’s Gmail from ExtremeTech, which is still in a beta stage. Their verdict:

So far, so good! We’re already loving Gmail and it’s only been a few days since we started using it. Since we constantly hop back and forth between Linux and Windows boxes, Gmail is a godsend. We don’t have to mess around with local pop3 e-mail clients. We can just open our browser (in Linux or Windows) and get immediate access to all of our e-mail. And, unlike Yahoo or Hotmail, we simply don’t have to worry about running out of space. At this point we’re only up to 39MB out of our 1GB total.

I’ll be getting an account there, just to try it.

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  1. I still don’t buy it. i mean a gig is a lot of fucking space. If they allow that much, AND they run fast upload/download, then the warez possibilities are endless. I can upload an iso to ROTK_ISO_VCD@gmail.com and then just hand out the password for that account all over the net, and anyone at all could download the iso from there. So either the bandwidth has to be shitty, or they have to find some way to monitor what kinda files are being stored. (privacy issues?)

    but ya, i wanna try it too! probably for different reasons than you though. :)

  2. I tried emailing to that address but it bounced back. I think you better check it out; there may be a problem with your account.

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