A REAL Pleasant Way To Wake Up

From Morningwood Enterprises (link removed – no longer works):

Tired of waking up to the annoying buzzer of an alarm clock?

Don’t start your day with a premature evacuation – wake to the pleasing sounds of feminine desire!

Morningwood Enterprises is pleased to introduce the amazing Ah! Wake Alarm Clock – the way man was meant to wake up! Begin each day with the exciting sounds of a beautiful woman’s pleasure.

Be sure to check out the alarm sound samples.

2 Replies to “A REAL Pleasant Way To Wake Up”

  1. That was hilarious, though I didn’t actually like her voice, I’d be screaming at her to “shut the fuck up!” all the time. Like a bad boy.

  2. I pictured some enormous, fat lady recording those sound bytes – it ruined the entire experience for me.

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