A Review Of RoboSapien

As Mark noted in his comment, there’s an excellent review (with photos) now available of RoboSapien:

As I never saw Robosapien operating in the shop i really didn’t know what to expect here, so i got him all ready to go put him on the floor of the lounge in front of me and pressed the walk forward button, at this point it become plainly clear that the future of toys is never going to be the same again. This thing picked his feet up one by one and with a rocking motion started walking towards me, at first this looked a little scary as i had never seen a two legged toy walk across a room before, it was just like something out of toy story or the sort of toy we spent our entire childhood dreaming of.

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  1. Yeah, that was an interesting review. What a cool sounding toy. From that review:

    Once I’d put the batteries in there is a small button behind his shoulder that I pressed to turn him on. The eyes lit up red and he immediately throws his arms up to stretch like his waking up from a sleep. Both my kids took a big step back when this happened and I must admit I also felt like I should move back a bit. Robosapien goes through a little startup routine that lasts about 10 seconds or so. Then he’s waiting for you to give him his orders through the remote control. I say again, its a cool toy and so you’ll probably just start pressing button on the controller – that’s what I did. Who wants to read a manual with all this excitement.

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