A Review Of The Movie “Cars”

Cars movie posterCars is good. Caitlyn and I disagree with Phillip’s assessment of the movie; we liked it.

Cars is a film from Pixar, the company behind the computer-animated films such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story, and this one raises the animation bar, as does every new film from Pixar seems to do.

The film opens with a stunning (due to the computer graphics) car race. The main character (a car – in fact, even the flies are cars) then has to travel to another car race, getting stuck in a forgotten town in the desert, learning the pleasure of the slow life.

Caitlyn, my five year old daughter, didn’t fidget sitting through it; she watched the whole thing, mesmerized by the talking cars. “It wasn’t a funny movie, Daddy”, she said afterwards, but we didn’t get bored. I chuckled a few times at some adult humor; the story is predictable, but it has a nice message.

Life Is A Highway, the hit song by Canada’s Tom Cochrane, was featured in it, but not Tom’s version. It was butchered by some other group.

Before Cars started there was a short film called One Man Band, a nice story about two street performers competing over a coin a small girl is about to throw into a fountain.

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  1. I had a hard time not falling asleep, and a good number of kids (and their families) left the theatre well before the end of the movie. “One Man Band” was the best part of it.

  2. I watched it today too and because of Phillip’s review, I thought it would stink. Man Phillip, did you watch the right movie? Makes me want to come home and play some Burnout!

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