A To Do List

Ta-da List:

…makes list making and tracking easy. And, since it’s web-based, you can make a list at work and still get to it at home or anywhere else you have a computer or internet access (even on a mobile phone).

A nice idea, but I use my email as my To Do list: anything kept in the InBox is To Do. Gmail has a “starred” feature which allows you to easily highlight emails as well. Ta-da List can easily be shared with others, though.

2 Replies to “A To Do List”

  1. I just love my Palm for ToDo lists – it’s with me always, and I can track my ToDos wherever I am. No, not only at any place where there is an internet terminal, but also on the bus, in a train, and while I should be listening to the professor in a lecture. ;-)

  2. All my ToDo’s are in Outlook and sychronised with my Palm…the only problem is the amount of them sometimes, especially the ones flagged as overdue!

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