A Weekend In Flint

I’m in Flint, Michigan (again) for 10 days on business. Here’s what I did during the weekend:

  • Had a large double-double for $1.48 American, which is actually an extra-large in Canada (as I wrote about before).
  • Drove 30 minutes to Great Lakes Crossing, a huge, oval shaped shopping mall with over 200 stores. Video cameras have been banned from its premises since Michael Moore interviewed people there for his film Roger & Me. Lots of activities for kids there.
  • Saw the excellent movie Walk The Line, sitting through only five minutes of commercials and 10 minutes of boring previews.
  • Visited a Borders bookstore where I was asked every five minutes by sales staff if I needed help. It almost forced me to leave. I walked around the store strategically, trying to avoid them. I bought the novels The Colorado Kid by Stephen King and Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
  • Stopped reading Michael Crichton’s Eaters Of The Dead because it bored me. I recently finished his latest, State Of Fear, and it was garbage: predictable, boring plot, although the ideas he presented were interesting. Just read its summary. The best part about it was his Afterword, where he talked about his research.
  • Played the King Kong game on the Xbox 360 for 30 seconds, getting annoyed at the controls. I watched someone play Call Of Duty 2 for 5 minutes, marvelling at the graphics and sound that machine can spit out.
  • Bought Scramble for my four year old daughter for Christmas: Each player tries to put the shape in it’s matching hole as quickly as they can. Player with all shapes in place before timer runs out and board pops up wins. I remembered playing it as a kid.
  • Bought some cheap clothes made in Indonesia. I’m not proud.
  • Drank four scotches (Glenlivet 18-year old) from a flask I brought with me. Yes, I’m drinking as I write this.
  • Worked a few hours, preparing for the coming week.
  • Bought underwear, socks, and t-shirts to last me a few more days, so I wouldn’t have to do my laundry here.
  • Received my monthly email notice about my Mastercard bill. I owe $6,300 this month! That’s mostly from business travel, though, which I’m being reimbursed for soon, I hope.
  • Used Google Talk to talk to my daughter, who was staying at my parent’s for the night. It was hard not to ask questions that didn’t have a “yes” or “no” answer, to try to get her to talk more; but it was nice. Real nice.
  • Decided not to see the new Harry Potter movie because I know it would’ve paled beside Walk The Line.
  • Watched too much TV.
  • Spent WAY too much time writing this post.

9 Replies to “A Weekend In Flint”

  1. ahh the joys of a real job…hang in there jody…the drinking from a flask is interesting…perhaps I should take up the “habit” again…be neat at market on a saturday morning to pull out a flask take a swig and talk to the customers…

  2. A 25 year old McCallan would be an investment for me, plus I’m not too fond for McCallan: too sweet for my taste, although the 10 year old I had last weekday was more fruity than sweet, and mild; it went down easy.

    I prefer the Islay region brands (Lagavulin, Laphroaigover, Bowmore), though I have some Highland favorites: The Balvenie, Glenmorangie, Glenlivet…

    But then, I haven’t met a single-malt I haven’t liked.

  3. I like other whiskies and bourbons, though I have no Canadian favorite. I have fond memories of Crown Royal when my parents used to buy it, getting to keep the blue cloth bag it used to come in, storing dinkies or lego in it.

  4. I know a guy on the net who orders Makers Mark online, through some american website. I’m sure i could find it for you if you are interested in making INTERWEB LIQOUR PURCHASES… :)

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