This site used to be written by two Canadian brothers, Jody and Phillip Cairns. One lives in Newfoundland and the other lives in New Brunswick. They’re both originally from Nova Scotia. This is how they looked in December 2003.
Phillip Cairns and Jody Cairns
They pretty much look the same today as they did back then. They even wear the same winter coats. Jody got himself a new fuel-efficient car and Phillip crashed his mountain bike into a tree, but the coats remain the same.

Jody started up Steel White Table sometime in 2003 because he was bored. Then Phillip got all excited and began posting stuff after he heard a song of his play on the now-defunct Whole Wheat Radio. Those were the halcyon days, the golden age of Steel White Table.

Inevitably, life got in the way. Kids, mortgage payments, mowing the lawn, buying groceries, cleaning up dog poop — you know, living the dream. Hence, Jody isn’t around much these days and Phillip left on October 10th, 2011, and hasn’t been seen since. He seems happy to hang out with his honey bees instead.

Jody’s still waiting for someone to buy him the OED for his birthday.


With absolutely no fanfare, Phillip revived Steel White Table in January 2013, posting his opinions about recently acquired single malt scotches. Jody and Phillip have savoured single malts for many years, both possessing a particular fondness for peaty Islay single malts such as Lagavulin and Laphroaig. Phillip’s willingness to spend more money on single malts — and explore further beyond the shores of Islay — increased dramatically after he attended a Whiskies of The World convention in November 2012. But he hasn’t attended a convention since because for some reason they always fall on a weekday instead of the weekend, and who the hell wants to go to work the morning after sampling a boatload of world glass scotches? Review of scotches may reappear if a convention ever falls on a Friday again. Until then, Steel White Table is probably closed. Again.