Actually, Can I Honestly Ask You, Basically, A Question?

(NOTE: Submitted by “Clifton Throgmorton”. Name has been changed to reduce their chances of being fired.)

I sit beside the “basically” and “actually” champion. I’ve never heard anyone utter so many useless adverbs. A typical conversation:

Them: Can I ask you a question?
Me thinking “You just did”, but I grunt instead.
Them: Now let me see… Well, to tell you the truth, basically I’m working on this spreadsheet still and it’s actually going well. But there’s this one thing…

I avoid conversation with them so I don’t have to hear their predictable phrases.

Is there anyway to tell someone to stop sounding like an idiot without insulting them?

5 Replies to “Actually, Can I Honestly Ask You, Basically, A Question?”

  1. Clifton: you’re an idiot; you should try to learn to accept it. People seem to adopt phrases and mannerisms to make their life easier. They’re often not aware they do it. Your hangup of this paltry matter is as annoying as what you’re annoyed at. It grates my nerves, too, but shit man, deal with it.

  2. Wasn’t me, but I find Paul does crazy shit like that all the time. We should get Paul on this board; just wait ’till you see how he disconfigures the English language!

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