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J-Walk can get away with his Add Four Words post because he has hundreds of daily readers and enough of them who share his sense of fun or sense of humour to go along with the interactive posts on his blog. Here at Steel White Table, good luck. The most interactive aspect of SWT is Jody responding to my posts and me responding to his posts. (Although it does seem to have picked up recently, especially with the addition of Tommyboy and Tommy’s Brudder, along with the — I guess you call them — regulars: Rebecca, Ashley, Pender, Steve, and Greg — I think that’s everybody, right?)

To prove my point, or to disprove my point, let’s see what happens when we try to same thing here at Steel White Table. For those who haven’t clicked the J-Walk link, here’s the deal (taken almost exactly from J-Walk’s post):

Each comment for this post should contain exactly five words, and those five words should flow from the previous five words. The result will be a collaborative story. You can post any number of comments, but you may not post two comments in a row.

(NOTE (May 14/07): I may edit certain comments to correct syntax and spelling and add or remove an extra word if the word-count is wrong. I also have no problem deleting comments I don’t like. And how about we keep it to one comment per day? It’s interesting how things have worked out so far, though I suspect it has to self-destruct eventually.)

I’ll start.

Just when Albert thought he…

See also Add Five Words – Part 2.

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