Ads Suck

Lonita recently discovered an RSS feed that delivered ads:

I went to the English version of Pravda and dutifully added their RSS feed to Bloglines, and then went in to check it all out.
I immediately deleted the feed.
And I will not add the feed back until they get rid of the ads. I’m sick to death of advertising. I’m drowned by it everywhere I go, and so are we all. I will not read any RSS feed that’s got ads in it. If you put ads in your feed, I’ll remove it.
I need at least one space in life where I’m not reminded of rampant capitalism and consumerist culture.

Her post reminded my of the article TiVo Will No Longer Skip Past Advertisers I recently read, stating TiVo is succumbing to corporate pressure to not allow the skipping of commercials. Bastards (not that I care: I don’t have TiVo, whatever the hell it is; something to do with television; that’s all I know).

By the way, Lonita’s concluding sentence in her post sums up my feelings towards ads nicely.

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