Alarm Clocks

I hate alarm clocks; they either grind into your dreams, corrupting the bliss you thought you were in, or hover in your subconscious like a lion ready to pounce on its prey, keeping you (i.e. the prey) alert to its inevitable alarm. I’d like to try the Ah! Wake Clock, but I suspect I wouldn’t get out of bed, if my wife could even tolerate it me having it.

I’m proud to say I don’t use an alarm clock any more; I’ve been waking up on my own between 6 and 7am for the past month and I don’t know why; but I love it. I had some tight deadlines recently, so worrying about that may have been keeping me up, knowing I should get to work to get something completed. Or maybe I’m getting old. Old people DO wake up early, don’t they? I don’t know any old (“old” being over 60) folks who get up after 6am.

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